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Taking stock: tracking your resources in real time

Utilizing our unique, easy to install wireless technology we have developed ActivIndustry, a system that securely locates personnel and assets on a minute-by-minute basis.

How does it help?

Our ActivIndustry technology allows you to obtain completely up-to-the-minute data on the current and previous locations of people and assets within your organisation. This enables your supervisors to constantly monitor the assets under their control via smartphones or tablets improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your production lines or other operations. ActivIndustry can be integrated with industry standard server technologies or hosted in the cloud, and linked with existing systems if it makes life easier.

The results speak for themselves:

ActivIndustry provides you instant information of where assets are, saving you time looking for them. It means you can know where people are, and where they give you most value.

ActivIndustry Results - Monitor 450 or more within a small area, see an employee 150 times per hour and has a 5 year tag life span

What does it do?

The system provides the ability to:

  • Simply and fully report in any way - by person or asset, exact place or time.
  • Improve the information available on where people and assets are, pinpointing exact locations in a factory or production line, or within a building.
  • Automatically and electronically record employee location and activity thereby reducing the manual burden.
  • Integrate with existing systems with other key metrics such as output levels or quality.
  • Provide key analytics for the management team to identify trends, dramatic changes in output or potential process improvements.
  • Readily export reports to Excel or PDF document formats.
  • Have various user roles with dashboard technology to keep on top of what’s going on and identify areas of concern at an early stage.

How does it work?

The ActivIndustry resource monitoring system consists of the ActivServer appliance, networked RF readers and wireless key fobs, ID card holders or asset labels. Employees simply wear their ID cards and our unique wireless technology automatically confirms their attendance and position using the networked RF readers with no action required on the part of the employee. Our asset labels are attached as needed to any item of inventory, equipment or production aids such as trays or trolleys. ActivIndustry readers feature plug-and-play integration with both wired and wireless business networks. Commissioning is quick and easy so you will be tracking people and assets within minutes of installation.

The system can be configured to operate in an event-driven manner (set and forget) where notification of predefined events, such as employees in place falling below an acceptable threshold level or movement outside a set zone, results in emails or texts being automatically sent to relevant supervisory or management staff. Simple and in–depth database driven querying and mining of data by administrators and management can also be performed easily.