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Duty of care: wireless management for the healthcare community

ActivHealthcare, a unique easy to install system that tracks patients, equipment and assets in care locations such as hospitals and monitors healthcare professionals' visits to patients and other service users at home and in the community.

How does it help?

In the Hospital

The ActivHealthcare system allows live location monitoring for your patients and assets with no disruption to service and provides a convenient and accurate means of supporting staff. With a full audit trail of patient and asset locations ActivHealthcare allows assets to be easily located, improving efficiency and reducing costs. It also means patient movement is monitored to simply identify delays in their flow and improved security, allowing you to see bottlenecks or problems and deal with them right away.

In the Community

The ActivHealthcare system allows targeted location monitoring for your community staff and an efficient means of tracking home visits. With a full audit trail of staff visits, ActivHealthcare tells you the frequency and length of visits, without increasing the administrative burden, allowing you to evaluate the duty of care delivered and improve security for your staff in the community. And, if it helps, it can generate automatic alerts for missed or overdue appointments. ActivHealthcare can be integrated with industry standard server technologies or hosted in the cloud, and linked with existing systems if it makes life easier.

The results speak for themselves:

ActivHealthcare can simply improve the efficiency of your patient flow, location of equipment and recording of visits to patients’ homes allowing you to deliver better service and care.

ActivHealthcare Results can deal with 450 plus patients or assets in a small space, has a 5 year tag life span and can see a patient or asset 150 times per hour

What does it do?

The system provides the ability to:

  • Improve the information available on patient flow and interaction with healthcare professionals, allowing you to quantify, assess and audit your level of care.
  • Provide full and up to date information on high value assets, reducing loss and improving service efficiency.
  • Instantly know locations visited by community care staff giving better security.
  • Simply and fully report in any way - by patient, carer, asset, place or time.
  • Provide useful analytics for supervisors and management to identify trends or dramatic changes in visits or patient locations or areas of concern.
  • Readily export reports to Excel or PDF document formats.
  • Have various user roles with dashboard technology to keep on top of what’s going on and preventing service problems before they occur.

How does it work?

The ActivHealthcare system consists of the ActivServer appliance, networked RF readers and wireless key fobs, ID card holders, wrist bands or asset labels. Healthcare professionals, patients or community carers simply wear the device and our unique wireless technology automatically and continuously confirms their location using the networked RF readers in hospitals, clinics or patients homes with no action required. ActivHealthcare readers feature plug-and-play integration with both wired and wireless hospital and home networks. Commissioning is quick and easy so that you will be confirming locations within minutes of installation. Uniquely, our technology can be adapted for large scale community care deployment where the healthcare professionals carry a mobile reader and ultra long life self-powered tags are deployed within the care environment, giving the ability to discriminate between time spent in each room or area in a cost effective and efficient manner.

The system can be configured to operate in an event-driven manner (set and forget) where notification of predefined events, such as patients not being in the correct place, not being visited or staff being delayed for too long, results in emails or text messages being automatically sent to relevant supervisory staff. Simple and in–depth database driven querying and mining of data by systems administrators and clerical staff can also be performed easily.