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About us

ActivWireless is a company with technology at our core, driving us to deliver simple, efficient wireless locating solutions to a range of industries.

Founded in 2010, we've developed an innovative system for the effective tracking of people and assets, and although our technology is complex, we've worked hard to make sure it's an easy solution to install and use.

The team at ActivWireless want to make life easy for our customers and, that’s why we’ve spent time developing our software to be simple too. Our dashboard technology helps you get to the key information and results, without any fuss. The team are a bit like the underlying technology, persistent and always working, aiming to make sure you have the help you need, when you need it.

Tailored for you

We’re confident that if needed, we can tailor our solution for you to make sure it delivers exactly what you need.

That might mean some changes to the hardware or the software –perhaps to give you more detailed data, the physical design of the product or even the dashboard items to focus on. The team at ActivWireless can advise and consult with you on what you may need.

We can adapt the update rate for positioning information or provide expert advice on the number and position of tag readers needed to provide the level of detail you require. ActivWireless can host the system for you and help integrate it with your existing services – that might be to take data from or feed results to – either way can work. We can create specific database queries for you or even design new custom reports.

The technology

Our technology is always moving too, making sure we stay at the top of the game.

The ActivWireless real-time locating system consists of the ActivServer appliance, networked RF readers and ultra long life tags. We can supply tags in a range of physical formats – key fobs, ID badge holders and asset labels to name a few. Uniquely, ActivWireless tags are continuously and securely identified in real-time, even when the people or assets are stationary, providing unique assurance that the data collected is accurate, dependable and recorded.

ActivWireless readers feature plug-and-play integration for wired or wireless networks and commissioning is quick and easy so that you will be collecting useful business data within minutes of installation.

Smaller, lighter and longer-lasting than all others, ActivWireless tags are based on unique wireless technology that offers dependable work-station level accuracy. And unlike all other long-life localisation solutions, ActivWireless tags never need to be recharged and they provide updates every few seconds ensuring you have minute-by-minute resolution for many years, even in the most challenging high density applications or scenarios.

Giving you innovative and efficient technology, simply.